Our Mission

Provide one of a kind dining experience

Our company is driven by our pursuit for perfection. While we always experiment with new things, we also listen to our clients on what they want for the event. We make sure that the food selections address the vision of our clients but we also keep our identity intact by presenting them in the highest level possible. A true dining experience is never obvious or loud: it is subtle, focusing on food, and quality service. A one of a kind experience leaves the diner in awe with the entire setting and the taste of the food. We aim to please the most discriminative of tastes.

Provide food services that are sanitary and impeccable

Our food process follows sanitation standards set by the state for food service providers. We have a superior quality control service and we make sure that from the kitchen to your tummy, the food is going to be appetizing, safe and perfectly prepared. We employ expert chefs and we have a reliable team of kitchen aides and catering specialists who are detail oriented. They make sure that the kitchen is spotless when they start and that the utensils are clean and devoid of bacteria. We have a high satisfaction rate and our food always is clean and cooked to perfection.

Offer solutions for all interested parties

From individual/ private clients, small groups, intimate home events, medium to large scale parties to massive corporate events or  canteen services, we offer services designed to fit your budget and the number of guests. We have a massive range of customers in the last few years and we have successfully provided impressive services to match their needs. We are sure that through our services, we can deliver quality service and great tasting food that definitely will satiate your hunger. We always take on the challenge to cook and serve for our clients and we are very reliable in terms of creating an enjoyable dining experience.

Expand our services and menu

We have more than 900 dishes in our menu. You can select from our wide range of dishes and you can also suggest specific dishes that may not be in the existing menu. We are always reinventing our selections so that we can adapt to the expanding culinary influences across Malaysia. We offer event specific food items and we explore new cultural treats so that we can also appeal to the international customers. We are confident that when you explore our menu and have a tasting, you will be blow away by the selections.

Offer cost effective yet memorable dining

We love to cook but we understand that the price of food is expensive especially for 5 star restaurants. We choose local produce so that we can save money and we make sure that they are all fresh and worthy of delicious cooking. We believe that the freshest ingredients make all the difference. We offer cost effective food selections, but more importantly, highly enjoyable dining experience that you will want to have all over again.